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  • Twin-axle or Tri-axle available

  • 12ft - 18ft bed sizes

  • Flatbed or Beavertail available

Motorsport Trailer Rearview showing open aspect

Trailer featured above:  18ft x 6ft 6" (Internal Measurements)


  • Full tilt bed operation for ease of loading/awkward vehicles

  • Internal Floodlighting

  • Workbench

  • Electric Winch (Super-winch)

  • Full width assisted loading ramp

  • Numerous anchor points

  • Two access doors on sides

  • Full side roller shutter door

  • Levelling Jacks

  • Complete with generator and isolation switch

  • Tri-axle

  • Orders being taken for next season

  • Made to your own specification

  • The ultimate Car Transporter built on, in our opinion the best chassis and running gear available.

  • If you have got a better Trailer than this, we have never seen it!

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